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Bob Earl VRC Mk2 Sim Racing Rig Review

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#1 Darin Gangi

Darin Gangi

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 07:20 PM

Presenting our review of the Bob Earl VRC MK2 Sim Racing Chassis. We reviewed the MK1 a few years back and there's been some significant changes to this version. Including a new seat and more adjustability. See what Darin and Shaun think about this rig from Bob Earl as they discuss Pros, Cons and put it on the Revs Scale

#2 CaTaPulT


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Posted 24 February 2012 - 09:31 AM

Great review as always guys.
While watching, one of my beefs with this cockpit would be the center post, a center post is a center post, no matter if it's curved, straight, angled, square, it's still a center post thus often being in the way. My biggest beef is with the non adjustable pedal plate and it's permanent angle. I use to use a Playseat Evolution which also has a ridiculous angle on the pedal plate, I found I couldn't race for very long since my ankles would get quite sore from having my foot bent that far back. For this reason alone I wouldn't consider this rig. Mr. Bob Earl, I understand you were a race car driver at one time and the pedal plate you designed might be accurate to certain race cars, but we are sim racers, some of us don't care about that kind of accuracy since racing in pain is absolutely no fun. Maybe make your pedal plate adjustable and in the documentation mention the real life angle is the 4th notch of adjustablity? I'm sure many would appreciate it.
The cool thing about this rig is it's size or lack of, excellent rig for those with tight living conditions.
Take care

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#3 racingsimfan



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Posted 25 February 2012 - 03:19 AM

Hello Jack,
I have read your interesting thougths about the VRCMKII
I have the VRCMKII and the position is great. There is absolutly no pain at all. I can play for hours. My arms are tired before (T500RS) before my leg. I think the heel pad helps also.
And like the review said the driving position is really good. Also the comfort! Very important.

A very nice buy for the money I think. The rig is simple. You dont have a million things to adjust. You receive the rig almost mounted. It does not take that much space as the review mentioned.
You sit. You drive. End of story.
Great job from Bob Earl.

#4 helios16v


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Posted 18 December 2012 - 11:27 AM

I first saw the Bob Earl VRC MkII during a review here at ISR.  At the time I was planning on fabbing my own frame from scratch.  I liked the general layout, really liked the fact it was designed by a racer (rather than some ID with minimal automotive interest) and seemed to have a reasonable price point.  I was concerned about the movement of the wheel that I saw in the video, but figured I might be able to add some additional bracing once everything was set up to eliminate that.  I decided that this would be a better starting point, than going from trial & error from scratch.  I pulled the trigger with the intent to make several modifications to tailor it to my needs.


I've had my VRC for a few months now.  I love it.  It suits my needs perfectly.  I like the simplicity and compactness of the design.  Turns out, I haven't even needed to make any significant modifications.  I already had a few different seats kicking around, so I ended up ordering only the frame w/ shifter mount.  I built a plywood adapter base to bolt the Sparco Pro2000 to the VRC frame.  I'm currently running a Fanatec GT3RS wheel, CSP v1, and Thrustmaster TH8RS shifter.  With the CSPs, the angle was a bit excessive.  I did get used to it, but recently tried experimenting by dropping the upper bolt mounts on the pedals down to the next lower set of holes on the frame (it did require drilling a new hole for the left side).  It ended improving 2 aspects of the layout, the first was a more suitable pedal angle (for my configuration), and the second was added bonus of no longer requiring an additional foot rest (I'm able to utilize the built in foot rest of the CSPs).  The Sparco makes the rig not the easiest to get in and out of, but once there I find the seat to be comfortable and supportive (results will vary from person to person).  The additional "reinforcement" plate Bob sent out for use with the Fanatec (and other heavier wheels) made a noticeable improvement in steering wheel movement.  There is still some flex in the wheel, but to be honest I don't notice it when I'm actually racing.  I may try to built some sort of bracing to stabilize even further...but it's not very high on my priority list.  The shifter mount is solid.  I did have to offset the TH8RS slightly, as there was a minor conflict of space between the clamping mechanism of the shifter and the lower support of the BE shifter mount, but after a couple months this has proven to be a non-issue to date.  Longest race to date has been a 500k race at Bathurst in the OSRM V8 Supercars (rF1) at Race2Play, the race finished right around the 3 hour mark.  After a quick 10 minute stretch and coffee break...I was ready for more.


The next step is to get the office finished up, move the computer & sim rig and start building the monitor stand with an incorporated "dashboard" to mount my DSD button box and BasherBoards SFA1.  ...And get the blasted triples running.  :sad:


In conclusion, I made the right choice for my needs.  The seating position just "feels" right.  I feel like I'm seated in a sports car...not a truck or SUV.  Having sat in this now, I know I wouldn't have been happy with the more "upright" seating positions of most sim rigs on the market...never mind the fact most of the competition costs significantly more.  Yes it may not be as pretty as some of the others, but it works.....works well, and does it at a price point that is more than reasonable.  Especially if you have an existing seat you can use.

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